How To Join…..

First things first……

First things first – you will need to get in contact with our Scout Group Leader – Marilyn “Roo” Hall.

Fill in the contact form to inquire about any space availability in the section.

Please also supply details regarding the child’s name and age.

Our Group Leader will respond to you inquiry regarding any space available in that section, and will also put you in contact with the section leader and from there you will be invited to trial scouts.

Contact our Group Leader

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Step 1: Check out Scouts

Prior to joining the Scouting movement we encourage your child to visit 3-4 times to ensure you really want to be part of the adventure. During this time your child will meet the section scouts and the leaders. Your child can participate in most events at the Scout Hall as long as the Y1 Youth Member Application form and the H1 Health Statement is completed and handed to the section leader. Once you have made the decision to be a Scout you will then need to purchase a uniform, pay the registration fees and be invested. You can download the forms here.

Step 2: What does it Cost?

Fees for Scouting are broken into 2 parts:

WA Scouts membership
these fees are payable direct to WA Scouts (you will receive this invoice via email upon registration and investiture). These fees cover insurance and membership to the Scout Association. Currently the fees are payable directly to Scouts WA and due at the same time each year.

  • $172 for the 1st child
  • $138 for the 2nd child
  • $110 for the 3rd child
  • $85 for the 4th and subsequent children

Scout Group Term Fees:
these fees are payable directly to our group and can be paid to the section treasurer or via direct deposit. These fees cover insurance, hall running cost and leader training and subsidize the cost of meetings each term.

Currently the fees are:$65 per term payable by the 2nd week of each term

Scout Group Fees, Subs, Activity Payments, and other payments to the 1st Kalamunda Scout Group can be made by bank transfer/cheque or cash
Scout Association 1st Kalamunda Group bank transfer details are:

  • BSB Number 036-065
  • Account number 15-6051

Please mark transactions with the following:-

  • Your Surname
  • The Scouting Section
  • What the payment is for
  • Please either email your section leader, or night treasurer with your transfer receipt or present your transfer receipt in an envelope with any associated documentation/explanation. This can be done by putting your transfer receipt in an envelope and handing to your section leader.

Step 3: Uniform

Until your child is invested into the group (about 4-6 weeks after starting at the section) the only uniform requirement are enclosed sturdy shoes and shorts/pants for activities, (dresses, skirts & shorty shorts are not advised for some of the activities).
You will be advised in good time as to the date of your child’s investiture so that you can arrange for the purchase of the uniform.

The Uniform requirements are:

  • Shirt – Dark blue Scout pattern with section colour sleeves. (Joeys – tan sleeves; Cubs – yellow sleeves; Scouts – green and  Venturers – maroon sleeves)
  • Shorts or Trousers – Navy blue (Not tracksuit pants, camouflage pants or Jeans)
  • Belt – (For shorts / trousers with belt loops) Scouts Australia metal buckle
  • Hat – Scout peaked cap or bucket/wide brim
  • Socks – Plain colour to match shorts or trousers preferred.
  • Enclosed shoes or boots.
  • Fleece Jacket
  • Group Scarf and woggle (provided by the group)
  • Scout record book (provided by us)

The uniform is designed to be practical and durable and Scouts are encouraged to take a personal pride in their appearance by wearing the uniform tidily and cleanly. Unless advised otherwise, Scouts should wear full uniform to all Scouting activities.

The uniform is available from the Scout Shop, 133 Scarborough Beach Rd, Mount Hawthorn. P: 6240 7720.
Opening hours
Tuesday 10am – 2pm,
Thursday 11am – 3pm and
Saturday 9am – 12 noon.

You can also purchase online click here

Scout Uniform

The alternate uniform is the Kalamunda Scout Group Camp uniform top & jacket. The camp uniform allows scouts to get messy and not damage the formal uniform and is handy when District Events are on as they are easy to recognise.

This uniform is purchased from the group when they next do an order run with the supplier. To download the Camp Uniform Order form click here.

Kalamunda Scout Group Beanie
Kalamunda Scout Group Camp Shirt
Kalamunda Scout Group Camp Jacket

Step 4: Registration & Investiture

Once the uniform is purchased and Group Membership Fees paid, a date will be set for investiture. The new member will need to know the Law and Promise and their meanings. Families are encouraged to attend investiture as it is a special occasion. Upon investiture the new member will receive our Group’s scarf, a set of badges and a record book.

Parents & Scouting

We welcome and encourage you to enjoy with your child the experiences that Scouting has to offer. You are vitally important to the Scout group and without your efforts the work of the movement could not continue. You can see that there are plenty of opportunities for
you to share in the pleasure of Scouting by:

  • Coming along to Scout group activities and events that are held periodically and open to all the families of 1st Kalamunda Scout Group Members.
  • Taking an interest in what your child is doing.
  • Assisting with section activities and helping with transport to and from outings
  • Letting us know of your own special interests and talents (you may like to share your interests with the Scout Group)

You too have several obligations to the Scout Group. These include assistance with fundraising, Scout Hall cleaning roster (about twice a year), working busy bees and attending the Annual General Meeting.

During your association with 1st Kalamunda Scout Group we encourage you to consider to serve on the Group Committee or sub-committee for at least one year, or become a leader. We understand that everyone has very busy lives however if every parent gives a
little of their time then the group will function well.

The Scout Association is in constant need of adult leaders, usually parents like yourselves, who are prepared to make a contribution. No skills are required – just a willingness to learn. The training given to a new leader is painless and fun, there is vast satisfaction in knowing
that one is contributing to the development of the coming generation, and it is an enjoyable hobby. Any uniformed leader can give you information on what is required and how to make a start.

“Remember…Scouts is NOT a baby sitting club, your participation is vital to its existence”